Reed Pirain

Digital Real Estate — How the Market has Changed for Buyers, Sellers, and Realtors

reed pirain

Digitization has left no industry untouched, and Reed Pirain says real estate is no exception. The switch toward a digitally focused market has caused many titans like Zillow to lose money over recent years. It seems only those who leverage social media and blogs and realize buyers are online can stay ahead of the competition and reel in offers.

In the new economy, self-branding is critical to survival. And how is that achieved? Through increasing digital reach to compete with the top runners.

The Digital Real Estate Shift Boosts Buyers’ Home-Finding Potential

Both real estate marketing and transactions are going digital. It’s even changing the way agents interact with buyers, sellers, and renters! 

Companies who adapt quickly gain years’ worth of territory over others as buyers are seduced by cyber techniques that make the entire process less stressful and more streamlined. Not to mention purchasers can easily access a wider pool of properties than ever before! A quick search and the globe feels at their fingertips.

Specific strategies within the digitization shift have provided many benefits to buyers, like:

Video Marketing

Listings with well-produced videos outperform those with traditional static photographs. After watching a video, buyers stay on the website longer and feel more attuned to the property’s atmosphere. 

Virtual Tours

Likewise, people are much more open to the idea of digitally shopping for properties, according to research conducted in 2021.

These days, many purchasers prefer less direct contact with salespeople until they’ve made a decision. Thus, the industry’s digitization shift plays right into these buyers’ hands.

reed pirain

Social Media Interactions

Everything from Facebook Marketplace to Instagram has benefitted the real estate industry, allowing them to reach a wider audience of potential purchasers. 

Agents who create local Groups on Facebook can curate tailored listings for home seekers in the area, generating leads quicker than traditional methods. Not forgetting the fact that this also helps buyers spend less time searching for their next perfect house. 

Digitization Has Changed the Real Estate World, But Realtors’ Expertise Still Makes a Difference

Many have found themselves wondering whether realtors and their on-the-field expertise are still important. After all, if people are more drawn to virtual tours and less engagement, are they necessary?

But real estate agents are still wholly influential during negotiations — it’s a hard-to-master skill. Their knowledge and experience in the field sweeten the deal and make purchasing much easier for clients.

As long as they move with the times and enhance their technical knowledge to adapt their techniques to fit the digital shift, realtors remain essential for a smooth property transaction. 

Digital Footprint for Real Results

Real estate agents should look to build a digital presence to stay in front of the competition and get the buyers they deserve.

Digital-based transactions and property viewings aren’t going away. In fact, they’re becoming increasingly popular, benefitting adaptable realtors and all potential buyers.