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In the current real estate market, individuals are often in search of high-level information that breaks down the realities of buying and selling property. Naturally, real estate professionals who have spent years refining their approach within the industry are valuable resources for those who want to learn more about the space and their options.

Reed Pirain is a seasoned real estate veteran who has dedicated himself to matching potential homebuyers with the properties of their dreams within the greater Pittsburgh area. Through comprehensive insights that explore various facets of his area of expertise, he hopes to help those interested in growing their understanding of real estate learn more about the processes involved, industry trends, and their homebuying and selling options.

About Reed Pirain

Reed Pirain is a Pittsburgh native who has built a career in real estate working with a diverse range of clientele from new homeowners to seasoned real estate investors. Reed graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2000 and founded a real estate business with his two brothers and sister post-graduation. In the time since, NextHome PPM Realty has grown into a premier real estate firm in Pittsburgh. To date, Reed has sold over $150 million worth of real estate within the greater Pittsburgh area, earning him recognition as one of the top agents in his city form esteemed sources such as AEF Ring of Excellence. Reed was warded 2020 Pittsburgh Realtor of the Year by Pittsburgh Association of Real Estate, and the Reed Pirain Group was awarded the #2 Top Producing Team nationally in NextHome in 2018.

Reed Pirain recognizes the importance of contributing to the real estate community through participation in boards and committees, noting that it is a vital way to collaborate with other experts within the field and hone practices that benefit clients. Reed is a member of the Realtors Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh (RAMP) Board of Directors, a RAMP Foundation Trustee, and member of the YPN Committee.

Colleagues of Reed Pirain maintain that Reed is a professional who is immensely knowledgeable of his industry and has a passion for providing high-quality customer service. Reed recognizes the important role of administrators to support strong teams and is known to go above and beyond when supporting his colleagues and clientele. Client testimonials show that Reed remains up to date on crucial trends within his industry and utilizes this knowledge along with innovative technology and methods to match homebuyers with high-quality properties. Above all else, Reed wants to streamline processes to make the homebuying process more accessible and manageable for a diverse range of buyers.

In his free time, Reed enjoys spending time with his family. Reed is a proponent of charitable giving and encourages his colleagues to raise money for local charities that benefit children and young people such as Project Bundle Up.

About NextHome PPM Realty

NextHome PPM Realty is a family owned, boutique real estate firm founded by Reed Pirain alongside his other brothers, John and David, and his sister Renee. In the time since, the firm has grown to become one of the top 15 largest real estate firms in the greater Pittsburgh area.

PPM Realty prides itself on its dedication to acting in the best interest of clients and acknowledges that purchasing property is a large step for individuals and families to take. PPM is maintaining a team of knowledgeable professionals who stay up to date with trends and changes within the industry to best match homebuyers with the properties of their dreams. PPM Realty utilizes various, innovative services to support its clients including social media management, listing distribution, listing videos, professional photography, print, and more. These services combined with PPM Realty’s commitment to achieving the best results for clientele ensure that the firm continuously provides some of the best customer service the city has to offer.

About The Reed Pirain Group

Reed founded the Reed Pirain Group with the mission to create a supportive team of professionals dedicated to providing high-quality service within his industry. The Reed Pirain Group has built a name for itself on its positive environment, atmosphere, and prolific passion to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable client experience. The group is equipped to help individuals with the buying and selling of residential and commercial real estate and is well-known within the Pittsburgh real estate community for its innovative marketing and people first approach to business.

Reed Pirain’s Areas of Expertise

Reed Pirain maintains that his success in real estate is made possible through the skills he has honed throughout his over 18 years in the field. A few of Reed Pirain’s areas of expertise include:

  • Business Development
  • Administration
  • Sales
  • Listing
  • Land
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Staging
  • Client Relations
  • Advocacy

In addition to Reed Pirain’s areas of expertise, Reed is a proponent of remaining a continuous student of his industry to stay up to date on trends and achieve the best results possible for his clients. To this point, Reed consistently attends trainings to hone his current skills and add to his real estate acumen- and he is a staunch supporter of assisting others through mentorship and various career development opportunities.

More from Reed Pirain

Reed Pirain acknowledges that real estate, much like any other fast-paced industry, can be a daunting space for newcomers. He speaks to how accessible, high-level resources can be great for any new professional or potential homebuyer who would like to learn more about the industry. By contributing to conversations and sharing insights on various topics within the field, he hopes to demystify real estate processes, news, and trends to help keep others up to speed. Future posts will include topics such as traits of high-quality real estate agents, how to search for your dream house, recent real estate developments, and design trends.

Do you want to learn more about real estate from a seasoned veteran of the industry such as Reed Pirain? Be sure to check the blog for frequent updates, insights, and news from Reed.